The Best Beaches in Gozo

A Comprehensive Guide

Photo showing sunrise over Hondoq ir-Rummien

Despite its small size, Gozo is blessed with some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. Apart from being beautiful, these beaches tend to be more peaceful and tranquil than those in Malta.  If it’s your first time on the island of Gozo, this guide will help you to make the most of your vacation and find the best beaches in Gozo.

Getting around Gozo

Before we dive in, I wanted to explain the different ways you can use to get around Gozo and get to these beaches!

The easiest and most time efficient way to get around the Gozo would involve hiring a car. If you have hired a car in Malta, you can cross over to Gozo with it using the ferry at an additional fee. Compared to Malta, driving in Gozo is easier and much more relaxed. There’s hardly any traffic, except perhaps in and around Rabat at times.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to drive yourself around, one can use public transport. Public transport in Gozo (and Malta) is relatively inexpensive. There are 15 bus routes in Gozo. Buses run every hour in each direction, apart from the 301 between Victoria (Rabat) and Mġarr (ferry terminal), which operates every 30 minutes. These times are the same every day of the week, throughout winter and summer. Further information, including the Gozo network map and basic bus schedule, can be found on the Malta Public Transport website. If you’re intending on getting around by bus, I highly recommend using Victoria as your base since buses from here depart to any location in the island. 


  • If you’re spending more than a day in Gozo and are intending on getting around by bus, I highly recommend using Victoria as your base since buses from here depart to any location in the island. 
  • On the other hand, if you’re thinking of renting a car during your stay in Gozo, I highly recommend staying in Nadur. This is a traditional Gozitan town with some very nice restaurants and bars.

I also suggest downloading the “tallinja” app which is the official Malta Public Transport application. This allows you to easily plan all your trips.

In general, I do not recommend using Taxis in Gozo as they can get quite expensive. However, if you’re a group of 3 or more, then using a Taxi would become a more affordable option. If you need to use a Taxi, I would recommend avoiding the white taxis and using Bolt instead. 

When to Visit Gozo

You can visit Gozo at any time of the year but for the best experience, I recommend Spring (March – May) and autumn (September – November). Winters (December -February) are mild but a heavy rainy day may discourage you from exploring the island. Summer (June – August) on the other hand, is extremely hot and also the most active tourist season so it’s better to be avoided.

Ramla Bay

Often referred to locally as “Ramla il-Hamra”, Red Sandy Beach, this is Gozo’s largest and most popular sandy beach. This blue-flag certified beach is characterised by red-coloured sand and clean sea water all surrounded by unspoilt natural surroundings.

Photo showing Ramla Bay, Gozo

After a day spent enjoying this beautiful beach, I highly recommend making your way to the popular Mixta Cave. This cave can be easily reached from the beach on foot. It is located on the eastern part of the beach, on top of the hill. If you manage to make your way to this cave, the view that greets you will make the walk uphill totally worth it! This is because the cave essentially acts as a window for one of the most mesmerising sunset views you’ll see in Gozo (and Malta). Through the wide crevice of the cave, one is able to witness a breath-taking sunset overlooking the bright red sandy beach of Ramla bay.  

For more information on Mixta Cave, check my dedicated blog post!

Photo showing sunset from Mixta Cave

Getting there:

Ramla bay is well connected by public transport can be easily reached from Victoria, Marsalforn or Mgarr.

To get to Ramla Bay from Victoria you would need to catch bus 302 which departs every hour with the whole trip lasting less than half an hour. Alternatively, you can catch bus 322 which departs from Mgarr and passes through Marsalforn before making its way to Ramla bay. Bus 322 departs every 90 minutes and the whole trip takes around 20 minutes. 

San Blas Bay

San Blas Bay is a small, secluded, yet very pretty and tranquil beach set in the north-eastern part of Gozo. What makes it even more peaceful is that it is nestled between cliffs and hills which together with its beautiful red sand, offer a unique landscape.

Photo showing San Blas Bay taken at sunset

San Blas Bay although being small, is often less crowded than other beaches in Gozo due to its location- it can only be reached by foot. This is because the final part of the road that leads down to this beach has been closed off to traffic since it is very steep. However, the walk is totally worth it because you will be greeted by a lovely quaint beach with reddish sand, surrounded by boulders. Its location, being surrounded by cliffs and hills makes it one of Gozo’s hidden gems. 

Photo showing San Blas Bay taken at sunset

How to get there:

  • By car: Drive to Nadur and then follow the signs to San Blas.
  • By bus: Catch bus 303 to Nadur. The closest stop is “Weraq” The walk from here to the beach takes around 20 minutes.

Tips: I recommend wearing a pair of comfortable shoes as flip flops are not ideal for the very steep road which leads to this beach

For more information, check my dedicated blog post. 

Hondoq ir-Rummien

Hondoq ir-Rummien is a small sandy beach located a few kilometres away from the village of il-Qala on the southern coast of the island. This beach has a great view of Comino. What characterises this beach is its bright azure coloured water which is very inviting to dive into. The bay also has a rocky part from where you can enter the water via ladder.

Photo showing sunrise over Hondoq ir-Rummien

Just a 5 minutes’ walk away from Hondoq ir-Rummien is Bemberin beach or “Dahlet ta’Bemberin” as it is known by the locals. This is a long, narrow, deep inlet of sea just east of Hondoq Bay. If you prefer a quiet, rocky spot, then Bemberin beach offers a worthy alternative to Hondoq Bay. 

Photo showing Bemberin Bay at sunrise

Hondoq ir-Rummien is also one of the best places to be during sunrise. If you are planning on spend the day or your morning at this beach, I highly recommend getting out of bed early. The breath-taking spectacle which unfolds with the sun appearing over this bay’s crystal-clear azure sea is totally worth it!

Getting there:

  • By Car: Hondoq ir-Rummien is easily accessible by car. Drive to the village of Qala and from here follow the signs to Hondoq ir-Rummien.
  • By Bus: There are no buses that take you directly, but you can still make it by buses that arrive in its vicinity. Bus 303 departs every hour starting from 5 am and the trip takes around 45 minutes. The closest stop is “Qala” and from here you need to walk downhill for around 20 minutes.
For more information on Hondoq ir-Rummien, check my dedicated blog post!

Gebla Tal-Halfa

This is probably the most secluded bay on this list. However, it is also the most photogenic one by far, especially during sunrise. This beach is found to the easy of Hondoq ir-Rummien and many locals reach it with their boat. However, with some detailed directions you should be able to reach this bay with relative ease. If you’re intrigued, visit my detailed dedicated blog post!

So if you’re up for an adventure, want to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises you’ve ever seen and want to spend the day swimming in a not crowded beach, this is the place to go to!


Dwejra is located on the western side of the island near the village of San Lawrenz. While previously it was mostly known for the azure window (now collapsed), Dwejra still offers some of the most breathtaking views on the island, especially during sunset. 

Photo showing sunset over Fungus Rock, in Dwejra Bay
Photo showing sunset over Fungus Rock in Dwejra Bay

Here you can find the “Inland sea”, a small lagoon connected to the sea by a cave tunnel. This small lagoon has a small pebbled beach and is a great spot for snorkelling.

Photo showing the Inland Sea in Dwejra

Dwejra Bay itself is a rocky beach and although good for swimming, the water here can get quite rough so it’s not recommended for children or those who are relatively inexperienced. 

Photo showing Dwejra Bay

Getting there: Dwejra can easily be reached from Victoria with Bus 311 which runs every hour. The trip takes around 25 minutes and the bus stop where you need to stop is “Dwejra”.  

Dahlet Qorrot

Photo showing Dahlet Qorrot Bay

Dahlet Qorrot is a quaint, tranquil bay located on the North-Eastern Gozitan coast. It has a small pebbly beach and one can also swim off the rocks located on both sides of the bay. This bay is also used by local fishermen with a few boathouses lining the shore and colourful boats docked along its coast. 

Photo showing Dahlet Qorrot Bay

Getting there:

The easiest way of getting there is by car since there are no buses that take you directly to it. However, if you don’t mind a walk, you can take bus 303 from Victoria. The closest bus stop is “Wieqfa”. From here it will take you around 30 mins of walking to get there.

Wied il-Ghasri

Photo showing Wied il-Ghasri

In Maltese, “Wied” means valley. Wied il-Ghasri is a valley that begins at Ta’ Dbiegi Hill and after winding down through the village of l-Ghasri, forms a tiny pebbly beach as it meets the sea. The view of this valley from the top of the cliffs is definitely a sight to behold. Moreover, swimming in this beach is definitely a unique experience as this beach is nestled between two cliffs.

Getting there: Although getting to this beach by car is easier, getting here by bus isn’t impossible. You need to take bus 309 from Victoria and stop at the bus stop “Onici”. From here, a 20 minute walk through the beautiful Gozo countryside will get you to this secluded, yet charming beach. 

Xlendi Bay

Xlendi is a popular seaside resort located in the southwest of Gozo. It is characterised by a small but picturesque beach surrounded by dramatic cliffs and wonderful views. 

Photo showing Xlendi Bay

Xlendi is a great place to be in the evenings. The promenade, although small, is very pretty, especially in summer when it is lined with tables close to the seashore where one can enjoy a relaxing meal close to the water’s edge.

Photo showing Xlendi Bay

If you are there during sunset, I highly recommend making your way to the salt pans found just in front of Xlendi Tower.

These salt pans just in front of Xlendi’s tower form a checkerboard cut in rock protruding into the sea. As the sun is setting, the salt pans reflect the sky in the most enchanting way, making the view even more dazzling and dramatic.

Photo showing sun setting over Xlendi Salt Pans

Getting there: Bus 306 departing from Victoria which runs every hour takes you to to Xlendi in around 15 minutes

For more information on Xlendi, check my dedicated blog post!

Mgarr ix-Xini

Photo showing Mgarr ix-Xini Cove

Mgarr ix-Xini is a secluded cove characterized by a narrow inlet flanked by rocks with a tiny pebble beach at the head of the inlet providing a gentle slope into the water. A knight’s watchtower stands guard over the entrance to the inlet and an old, cobbled path starting from the cove of Mġarr ix-Xini offers a pleasant walk to the tower. Mgarr ix-Xini offers tranquillity, relaxation and some wonderful views out to sea. 

Photo showing sun setting over Mgarr ix-Xini Tower

TIP: If you are there during sunset, head over to the tower. The view of the sun setting over the tower with the cliffs in the background is simply breathtaking. 

Photo showing sun setting over Mgarr ix-Xini Tower

Getting there: Although there are no direct buses to this beautiful cove, you can easily get there if you’re willing to do some walking. Buses 301 and 323 depart from both Victoria and Mgarr Ferry Terminal and take you to the closest bus stop. If you’re going there from Victoria, stop at bus stop “Cilja” whilst if you are going there from Mgarr Ferry you need to stop at bus stop “Heliport”.  

Xwejni and Qbajjar Bay

Photo Showing Qbajjar Bay
Photo Showing Qbajjar Bay

These are two shallow bays located right next to each other located close to Marsalforn. They are characterised by small pebbly beaches and rocky stretches of coast leading into clear blue water. These bays are perfect locations for swimming and are also popular for diving. 

Photo showing Xwejni Bay

Xwejni Bay is also a dog friendly beach if you want to go there with your dog. 

Photo showing Xwejni Bay

Getting there: These 2 bays are very accessible by bus. You need to take bus 310 which takes you all the way to Qbajjar Bay (Bus stop is “Xwejni). 

Marsalforn Bay

Photo showing Marsalforn Bay

If you’re after a more sociable beach experience rather than a tranquil and less crowded beach, this is the place to go! Marsalforn is one of the most popular resorts on the island and boasts of a blue flag-certified sandy beach with some pebbles. It is ideal for families with children due to it being very accessible, being protected from winds and having shallow waters.

Photo showing Marsalforn Bay

Locals and foreigners alike gather here to catch up on their sunbathing whilst Marsalforn’s promenade offers the opportunity for a pleasant stroll before or after your dip in the sea. Marsaslforn is well served by restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat.

Photo showing Marsalforn Bay

From this bay, it is also possible to go on boat tours along Gozo’s coast or to the island of Comino which is home to the amazing Blue Lagoon.

Getting there: Bus 310 departing from Victoria takes you directly to Marsalforn. You need to stop at “Magro” bus stop. 


No one likes being stung by a jellyfish. Unfortunately, no beach in Gozo can be considered to be safe from jellyfish. Jellyfish tend to get carried with the sea current so their location will vary accordingly. Before going to a beach, I highly recommend visiting’s handy jelly map. This map which is updated daily, forecasts which beaches are going to be safe from jellyfish. The forecast is based on wind direction, wind speed, wave direction, swell direction and sea surface currents. Reports are also sent by the general public and in this case the map is updated accordingly.

What to do if you get stung?

Some common principles include:

  • Don’t apply fresh water, alcohol or compression bandages to jellyfish stings
  • If the person starts having trouble breathing, seek medical help immediately
  • If pain persists after first aid measures or there are any complications, consult your pharmacist or doctor as the affected area may benefit from painkillers, steroid preparations or antihistamines.

I highly recommend carrying with you a small bottle of vinegar and some baking soda. According to the species, applying one of these with help with the sting. Click on this link for more details. 

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